Effective hiring with data

Project Overview

I started my software developer career with CodĂș Community working for a client with the MyQu application in May 2021. I worked through the MMP stage of the product. With MyQu, organisations evolve their hiring approach to one that is about people and business drivers. MyQu helps de-risk recruitment processes, hire more diverse candidates by removing bias, and map candidate motivations with organisational values and culture.

Technologies used







Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge I faced when starting with MyQu was getting accustomed with the tech stack that was used to build the project. I had little experience with React at that point but had never used NextJs, TypeScript, TailwindCSS and Jest. During the onboarding process, I took the time to complete Udemy and youTube tutorial courses to get to a standard level where I could begin working on the application.

After my onboarding process, I worked closely with the lead developer and the design team to implement front-end designs that where created. This is where I got to put my newly acquired skills into practise.

The biggest benefit I got from working with MyQu was being part of a small two man development team. This allowed me to work alongside the lead developer who constantly encouraged me to take on problems and tasks that where slightly beyond my skill level in order to push my knowledge and boundaries. This in turn gave me the confidence and belief that I was growing as a developer.

Onboarding flow

Example of page layout

When a user creates an account on MyQu, they are sent to the onboarding flow. Through this, they can give some details about the company they work for, invite members of their staff to the platform and then create there first position.

Positions and candidate profile

Example of page layout

A user of the application has the ability to create a position for an area they are hiring in. When a candidate applies for a job, there information is held within this position.

Example of page layout

The user then has the ability to click into a candidates profile page that will display the candidates data. If the hiring team are interested in the candidate, they have request an interview where the candidate will receive and email of interest along with a quick 4 - 5 minute assessment to gather further information on that candidate. After this has been completed, the hiring team will receive a report detailing the candidates personality traits.

Candidates overview

Example of page layout

This page shows the hiring team all the candidates that have applied for a position and at what stage of the interview process they are in.

Passwordless login

Example of passwordless login layout

This function was carried out by using NextAuth and Amazon SES. NextAuth is a complete authenication solution for NextJs applications. A big feature of NextAuth is that it comes with built in support for many popular sign-in services and it also supports email/passwordless authenication.

The applications email functionality was carried out with Amazons SES(simple email service). Amazon SES is a cost-effective, flexible and scalable email service that allows developers to sent emails from within there application.

Database migration

Example of database results

Completed a full migration from a MongoDB database to a postgreSQL database.